Episode Sixteen: How to Hit Holiday Sewing Deadlines, and a Project of Doom Quilt Update

October 21, 2022

Almost exactly one year ago, Deborah set a goal to sew FIVE quilts as a Christmas gift for 2022.  But they aren't any old quilt--they're the Project Of Doom, a notoriously challenging foundation paper pieced Harry Potter-themed bookcase quilt.  This episode, she updates us on her progress, even though it's only October, and discusses how she sews Christmas pajamas every year for the whole family by starting far soon in the calendar than she really likes.

Along the way, join in this thought-provoking discussion of how handmade is a part of YOUR holiday, how ambitious plans can be handled with some self-compassion, and how we can evaluate our progress on sewing projects by viewing it through the lens of how much joy it brings us IN THE PROCESS.

Read more about the Whipstitch Project of Doom here:



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